What you will need to run a business from home.

It sounds so easy, “Work from home” , sounds so sweet to pronunce these words , work from home , but is it ?

I just remember during the cold winter days how  , you

wish  you can stay  in bed a little while longer not, willing to confront the harsh weather outside that is  if you have a commuting job.

Is that really the case when you have a stay at home job? Are you going to treat it with laxity or treat it like a real business. I think if you want your business  to succeed , you must treat it like any other type of business. Like a brick and motar  job for example.

Be it a stay @ home one , commuting  or any other type  of business. Treat it like a real job if you want to stay in business.

lets take a look at what you will need  to make your business succeed when you have a stay @ home job.


You have to be focused on what you are doing,since you are at home it is very easy to get distracted by one thing or the other, by one house chore or by your kids or even useless distractions like telefilms/ telenovelas.

You have to know what you want and how to get it . Don’t get distracted by negative comments from friends or family stay focused on  what you are doing.

This goes hand in hand with


knowing what you want and working to get it ,puts you already on the road to success , because as they say determination is the key to success.

You may know what you want and then do nothing about it this  will not help you in any way , you have to be detremin to take that first step towards changing your life , as well as making your business succeed.



Set some goals , what are they ? what do you expect to optain in a month, two months or three months time. Is it building a website?  Taking the sewing lessons you so much desire ? Set goals and respect them or try as much as possible to do so.


Time is money , make good use of your time, have a time table, if you are a mom , you have to make a  time table to include that  of your kids and your spouse.

what i do is, i get up by 6 am prepare myself first, wake the children up and prepare them for school, i drop them off by 8 am. So i know i have from 9.00am to 12 noon for my work  five days a week. From 12 to 1 pm i take care of the house before i pick the kids from school.

I dedicate the rest of the afternoon to them because they are the reasons i picked a stay @ home job .

The morning period is very important to me so i try to make the best out of it. Keep off unwanted phone calls , visits ,  make time for all  that  in the afternoon,  or during the weekend, if i succeed to have  30 minutes or an hour in the evening after i put the kids to sleep  i consider that time  a bonus.


You have to arm yourself with a good dose of patience , because there will be times when ideas are not fort coming especially  if you decide to become a writer , a designer , or even a  dress sylist , since you will want to be unique you will need some time to be creative and at times, you just go blank.

You will also  need a lot of patience in times of marketing your product . look for the strategy that fits you and your needs .

If you are in the niche business ,be it  blogging, building websites , well it will take you some time to start seeing profits .

My advice in all these situations is to be patient, no matter how long it takes , just hang in there and make some modifications , ask for advice , even if it means pay for it , where possible you do it because money spent is money gained.


You will need a back up plan especially in the dark days , so if you have a part time job, keep it while you try your home based business at least  until you start seeing significant results , may be for as long as six months b4 you can quit your commuting job.

Money / Budget.

there is no way money will not be part of the picture , even if it is small maybe just to get yourself a domain name and hosting you will need some kind of a budget to start with , it all depends on what you have decided to do .

  A coach

You need a mentor , a critic, some one to guide your steps , some one to tell you how to go about things , some one to advice you if you are not on track, be it your mum, busband or a guru from the sector you have choosen to try  your hands at .If you have to create a website well you need to get some training . Check out this website 

You may want to do it all by your self but its going to take you far more time than if you become part of a comunity.

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