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You  have come to the right place to seek for information before starting a business online.

You may be asking what is a wealty affiliate review. Let me immidiately go to the subject and tell you what this review is all about.

Lets take a quick run : Wealthy affiliate is an online internet, affiliate, marketing training course, bootcamp and community.

Product namewealthyaffiliate. (WA)

Price:  a 7 days free + $47 montly.

Owners : Kyle & Carson




Wealthy affiliate is an online training course on building websites , affiliate marketing, paying foward community and much more.

WA  is not the flashy kind of program that  you would  think. It is flashy inside, that is , once you make your decision to join, you will be hit  with  wealthy  information  the best for , building websites, hosting ,online marketing , affiliate marketing.

Why review wealthy affiliate ?

You may be thinking why review wealthy affiliate then . This is just to make you be sure of what you are going to get once you decide to join the program.

The World Wide Web is a Wild, Wild West

So if you are venturing into the internet business , it is better you get yourself prepared to fight in the jungle.

One of the ways to go about doing this is reading reviews of those who are already in the game ,  those who know where the traps are so they take the tme to write reviews so you can see who is who in the internet business world.


  What is  a Wealthyaffiliate  Review.

It is the good and the bad of the program, it is all what the program has got to offer, and a ratings of what the program contains so that before buying it , you are sure that it is not a scam.

There are so many products out there  with no value just to take away money from you.

People who design these products know you are desperate to have an online presence so they make it look go to lure you to giving them money, once your money is out of your pocket, you are left with a product that does not give you any real  or good training.


What is wealthy affiliate?

It is an internet training course on how to build a website, affiliate marketing, how to make youtube videos.How to get traffic to your blog, Seo and a lot more.

It is a community of over 580,000 + members. These numbers alone should tell you a lot.

It is a program where you are taught how to turn any passion, i mean, any passion into profit.

There are  four simple steps involve in this training course.

1   Choose an interest (which is your passion )

2    Build a website

3    Attrack visitors

4    Earn revenue .

As simple as that, but you will need a lot of training. Hard work to get good results.

When i saw it for the first time what came to my mind  was ” this is for the rich ” but you know what ? I just said let me give it a try , it will not hurt , you know why ?????

this is the interesting part of  it , because you have a       

    Seven day   Trail period  for   F R E E  !!!!!
                                    THE GOOD THING ?

The good thing about it is that you don’t need to be a computer literate because

you have lots and  lots of tools that will help you make it inside this wealtyaffiliate university once you become a member,

Videotrainings, by Kyle, simple and easy to understand modules.

Webinars, live question and answer sessions.

Live help from fellow members  24/7, even from the owners , Kyle and Carson. Can you imagine all that amount of people trying to help you out in your learning  period ? Yeah it is possible.

You can create a course once you become a premium member as well.

Possibility of growth inside the comunity. You will be part of the best , most successful honest, geniun community on the net.

A step by step guide in building an online/offline  business in what ever Sector you may chose.

Here is what the program offers.

     Its a training for people with passions and hobbies to exploit

It is a training for you , who wants to become a stay at home Mom or Dad.

For students who want to make ends meet with some extra cash.

It is for someone looking for extra income to help pay student loan.

It is not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A quick cash scheme. So if you are looking for a quick way to earn money this is not for you.

Those who are seeking extra cash to go for honeymoon and goalt about it, this is the place for you . You will love all classroom trainings.

Imagin having a website of your own !!! Unthinkable right ? Wrong !You can’t only think about it but realized it as many as you want .

What i mean is you will create/build  a web site you like and talk about it how, when and to who you like , market yourself  and your ideas.

I  know a lot of people who can be benefitting from wealthy affiliate around  the world but are not doing it  why?



A Quick Look at How YOU Will Be Creating Success

Success online is at the core a 4 step process nothing more complex .

Most fear scams, but i can assure you,  it is far from that. I have been here only a few months now  but i am learning a lot of new things. I keep learning everyday.

This is more than a real university training and hard work so that is why people are afraid  .

What is offered here at wealthy affiliate is too good to be true.

Cons/ Disadvantages  of this program

The only disadvantage is that you have to work really hard, before you start seing any profits.

But if you know you want to make it, then , it is up to you.

Another disadvantage is that it is in english, all the training   modules

making it  difficult for non english speakers ,but you can build your website in any language you like.

It is impossible to find any other  comunity in the web like wealthy affiliate where you try the product first before you buy .

Buying with an amount as little as 1 € per day .

                         My personal opinion:

I hope this  review will be of help to you if it  is your first time of wanting to build a website , because i was faced with the same problem as you  now ,getting the legitimate site to learn from .

So keep your doubts away and learn from the best online marketers .

I can tell you this is the best  training site you will get in the   Whole  www.

Because you have a free trial period. Nothing more convincing than this.

Enter and see for yourself, plus if you sign up and become a permium member within the first seven days

These are the bonus you will be getting  from me.

If you join the premium membership program before the end of the first seven days trail period , you will have these  special discount from me  listed here plus other bonuses i

                               Instead of the usual $47  

                  you will pay $19 your first month.

There are programs out there that will cost you more and will give you less satisfaction.

Plus you will have my one on one coaching through out .

Plus two free websites of your own hosting included.

Plus  live support 24/7 from all members, you will never be left alone.

Plus tons and tons of questions and answers, you will fine to response to all your doubts.  Continue here



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