What is a keyword research tool

For bloggers, affiliate marketers, in short are you  in the internet business ? Then you must know what a keyword research tool is.

If you are making your entry in to this business then a key word research tool is what you should hold tide to your heart if you want to be able to make some money , anymoney or lots of money .

               Why do you need a keyword research tool?


I will start by asking and anwsering some few questions .

Internet marketers, bloggers,  create a lot of content, with all the billions of articles pubblished a day ,how does your content get visibility  ? It is here that keywords come into place.

You have to look for those keywords that readers look for when they go online to search for some thing.

When you go online to  google, bing, yahoo, the search engines, to search for a word, a product, any information ,you type in a question to get the results ?  Right ?

Well ,that question you type  in to get an answer is a keyword.   A blogger has to know what you are asking so as to be able to give you the right answer.

Every word is a keyword . When you enter a phrase, a term, any thing into the search engines, for example, google, the biggest and most powerful search engine,  “googles around” or crawls around  and then serves you with the response to what you asked for.

This information request  is a data query from google database .


So how do I make  google to  serve  you  my article taking into account the bilions of other articles that litter the net ?

                                My keyword. !!

That’s it.

In writing my article, I have to target keywords , those keywords that the reader types into the search engines to get good and relevant results.

              Your next question would be what keyword tool do I use .

 I USE JAAXY The PERFECT KEYWORD RESEARCH                                             TOOL.

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