Do you know how to make soap ?

Have you been thinking of making some life changes . Have you considered  the soap making business .

Obviously not . You think it is too difficult to start.

I love soaps especially the perfumed ones . So i will talk about soaps.


It makes me feel clean ,  have you ever notice that while you  wash  away the soap from your body  the colour of the water  is different ? It means you are clean. I use soaps alot especially the luxury types , lol. I have a collection of their containers.

Well my goal here @ home jobs  is to help you start  your  own home making soap business and market it.

This type of business is particularly indicated for  those with little capital .


It does not really need that much and you don’t need any experience or any schooling , this is something that was done in the olden days by house maids . So any one can do it .

Even if you can’t read and write , you can still learn how to make soap with huge success.


If you have a friend or relative you can pass on the information .

There are so many people in rural areas, in so many diferrent parts of the world who can make good use of this type  of  information. All they have to do is follow some few instructions and it is done .

Like all other businesses ,it will take some time, and hard work to get it up and running.

                           The  Soap making business is one of the best ways of making money from home.

Its not dangerous if you know how to go about it and the ingredients to use .
What i am trying to say is that it is not out of reach for the common housewife or for an unemployed person.
If you think having a blog is not for you and you prefare a manual kind of work, especially if you are a crafty type  i think this is  perfect . The only dangerous ingredient is caustic soda, which can be managed well with gloves, thats it.

That is not all, you can even make soap without lye (the dangerous ingredient) .  You can make all the types of soaps  you like.

All you have to do is  become creative and use your imagination.

There are natural soaps for people with skin  related  problems,

for people with dry skin, fatty skin, saint val’s soap,  soap for babies , perfumed soaps ,soaps with herbs , romantic soaps , all the types you can imagine.

Any kind of shape or forms, you can think of.

I did some research and here you are with some tips  for guidance.

– You have to make a lot of practice at home before you  hit the  market .

Its a good gift  idea for friends, family , love ones . Make sure you  include a  comment card so they will let you know what they think /feedback.

That will orientate you as to the  direction to take  especially, encourage negative comments.

Soap making is a long process though, but if you have time in your hands and are willing to do it there is nothng  that can pay you back at the end of the day  as much as your personal satisfaction for a job well done .

What you will be needing ?

what ? my pesonal ideas for the soap making business and some recipies ?

      Basic  soap Recipes from around the world.

life  is a soap bubble,  soap-bubble-824550_640

Palm oil : Is used in most African countries for making soaps as olive oil is not common.

lye   other wise caustic soda or sodium hydroxide the acid used and you can also make it from home . Just be prudent when handeling this product as it can be very dangerous to the hands and eyes.

lye     can be made using ash . Yes, the ash that comes from burning wood. The   soap bars will not be very strong but you can still sell them.


 Salt:     Yes  that very salt we use to cook.

Distilled Water. Rain water is ok if you can’t get access to distilled water.

Other vegetable oils ; like coconut oil, which can be made at home as well. It has a lot of nutrients ,healing properties, good for the skin and hair.

A pair of hand gloves

A Mold. A wooden mold is good and you can make it by your self.

These are the  essential ingredients for making soap.

Other types  of soaps will come after you have mastered your craft.

If you live in a small town , a village where shops , markets are not always available this is a good idea for you .

The only difficult part in the process  is how to handle   lye that is it. You have a great business in your hands .

Once people know you they will come to your house and buy, you don’t even need to carry your finished products to the market.



Using herbs as colorant is good as well but you will not really have a bright color. You can mix it up with other non natural colors to have an explosive effect. If you want to stay natural it is ok. You have to put the color into the lye water .


Cinnamon oil is good as it will make the soap set quickly, and it helps remove acne.


Pigments are good for cold process soap beacuse they do not fade. So chose the colors you want depending on the soap making process you have chosen to use.


  • Distilled Water   32 ounces
  • Lye one of the main ingredients   12 ounces
  • Palm oil  4 ounces
  • Coconut oil    24 ounces
  • Olive oil  38 ounces ( or other vegetable shortenings)
  • Sunflower oil 4 ounces ( you can add other essential oils like pepermint, lavander, or rose ) ( from wikihow)


Clear your working table and keep away children and animals as Lye can be very dangerous.You must put on a pair of gloves and protective eyeglasses, have a wooden spoon or a blender.

After measuring, make sure you pour the LYE IN TO THE WATER SLOWLY, 

not the other way round , this will heat the water continue stiring until the lye is disolved.

Measure the oils  mix them together and pour them into another pot, turn on the heat and stir untill they are melted.

At this point you have the water and the lye in one pot and the oils in the other.

The lye should be about 36 °c  degrees same with the oils .

Pour the Lye into the oils slowly and stir until saponification occurs , this make take from 5 to 10 minutes.

The consistency should be thick where you can nolonger separate any ingredient. Pour the mixture into moulds and leave for about 24 hours

ET VIOLA !!!  We now have our soap.

”  Happiness and dreams are like soap bubbles,

                            just when you think you  got ’em in your hand,

                                           they pop in your face.”

Find a way to create what you need. You don’t have to always buy everything .

I will like to know your opinion on this business, leave a comment.

PS: If the soap making business model is not for you then check out

this page on aromatherapy home based business.