Turn your hobby into business- Jewelry home-based business.

Tips to help you create your jewellry  business at home.

Turn your jewelry making into business
Diamonds are a womans best friend


If you can’t have the diamond, at least you can make a similar one for yourself.

For people who are crafty , all is possible.

Hand work pays more than a white collar job only we don’t know how to market our finished product.

Good enough amazon is around now to sell your finished products for you .

All you have to do is to put your creativity into practice, if it is your hobby, turn it into profit.


This is a very competitive field, to stand out here you must be really really good at creative design. You may want to take a course or you may want to start by marketing what you have already made and see the effects and reactions of people not only people you know but the ones you don’t know.

The price you ask them to pay , see their reaction , this will tell you the market is ready for you, or better you are ready for the market.

” Jewelry takes peoples minds off your wrinkles.”

IN what sector of jewelry creation are you specialising ? This is a very vast sector. You have :

Wood jewelry, fused glass, fabric jewelry, making chains, wax carving. Choose one of these and refine it , just don’t jump into anyone and thing you will master it , no.

Choose the one that most reflects your personality, the one you like the most so you will not get tired when things go wrong.

Remember it is a passion you have and nomatter what, you have to be able to stick to it through thick and thin .

                           Jewelry creation tools


The nylon hammer, chasing hammer,


Flat nose, round nose, nylon tipped



These are only some of the tools you will need it your craft.


“You don’t have to be rich to sparkle”

Take your passion to the next level by turning it into a profitable business even if you don’t have a big work space, the necessary capital to start big,start with  the passion  it will carry you to the best designs.