How to earn money from languages.

        how to monetize language.

  Do you have a passion for languages or you know more that two languages. knowing in the sense of speaking, reading and writing , English, french, mandarin ,arab, spanish etc.

If you are good in anyone of these languages you can become a freelance translator and earn money from  home anywhere in the world . you just need a paypal account to get your payments no matter where you find yourself.

with the global digital era there is no where that has become  too far or out of reach
just like a qualified translator you can   earn something extra from time to time.
People need documents  to be  translated everyday, especially if you have to  travel around the world so they need . There are documents with so many technical words so you will need to refine your art .

The most important thing is a computer, an internet connection and a paypal account and you head to sites like Freelancer

and register there and sooner or later you will become known.

this is a good opportunity for students, stay at home mothers or anyone wanting to make extra cash ie anyone who is fluent in two or more languages.

there are people ready to pay  as much as $/€20 per page so you know what that means. At times  the price is calculated on the number of sentences you have to translate. This is an industry with big money potential there is always a need for a translator.

At freelancers, the above link, you have over 800 job categories  around the world for you to chose from .Once you register and complete your profile  you can start bidding for a job in what ever area of your choise.



Make sure you take the online English (uk),English (USA), exam which will cost you $5 for a level 1 test with 40 questions in 15 minutes with a 75% pass mark.

This is their certification test to see if you qualify for the jobs . There are other skill tests as well like, Ruby on rails, Google drive,cloud computing . Its just like when you go for any other type of  job interview your employer has to check on you to see if you qualify for the position.just click on any of the above linkes and see for yourself .

I am a registered member to this site so i know what i am talking about.  They send me  tons of job opportunties  matching  my skill everyday since i registered as a translator, ‘cos its some thing i have been doing .

Its not big money , but it is something especially if you are new. But if you have a good curiculum , i bet you, you will only translate when you like and what you like ,given the number of request that will come your way once you are a member, and have taken and passes their language exams.

let me know your results by leaving me some comments below .



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