Start A Poultry Farming

                         POULTRY FARMING


This is a good way for families to earn extra cash .

In all over Africa and in India, this is a very common  business, but the problem is  it is not taken seriously and most people underlook this type of business, but i bet you it is a very profitable business, and a good source of food.

You don’t need a lot of financial investment in this. The labour is not too much either.

Even in europe , those who live in small towns and have space  breed their  own chicken , behind the house, call it  bckyard chicken if you like.They are very healthy, free of all the antibiotics, that are used to vaccinate the  industrial chicken.

How will you make money ?

1) From the sales of eggs, since they  eat  natural food  the eggs turn out to be very healthy. If you go to the super market , just check the roll where you have eggs and you will see for yourself the different prices, its according to the breed.

the natural ones cost more.

2) From the sale of the chicks , (no not the  girl cheek  )not when they are still too small  though, just a little grown up . some people want one day old but i will not go for that survival rate can be very low. You can sell to other people who are interested in having a poultry farm as well .In SouthAfrica for example, the demand for one day old chicks is equal to 1 billion and only about 70% of that demand is met yearly.

3) From the grown chicken for food.  These are the broilers as they say in my area the chicken brough  is very good for colds, and is true, so the next time you go skiing and you catch the flu ( not the bird flu) its good to prepare your self a hot  chicken brough .Especially the old layer, their brough is better.

In Nigeria the demand  for chicken meat far exceeds the supply as the standard of living is rising .

4)From the chicken waste or droppings, as it is considered a very good form of  soil manure.

             What will they be eating ?

From what i know , my mother   feeds them with corn very early in the morning , then the rest of the day they spend it searching for insects and worms  on their own to feed on.

For EU residents there is a law  in place now as against the feeding of kitchen remains to you chicken,so check the rules before starting out your business.

You can still consider making your own feed, if you don’t want to buy. Think of growing your own corn as part of the feed, when ready you dry the corn and use it through out the year.Seeds , and  vegetables like cabbage , are also very good .

This is a good business cos it has a very low impact on the envoroment, your chicken are natural breed.

beware of hawks, both man and  bird ,both can be very dangerous  to your progress.

Advantages of this business, you don’t need any prior knowledge to start a backyard poultry farming.

Very small capital to start.

Easy to control, the whole process, from the buying to feeding and  the selling process. you will want to sell the briolers alive since you don’t have a place to slaughter them and since we want to limit costs.

This small scale business can be very lucrative if you turn it to bigger one since there is always a huge demand for chicken meat, ( i love chicken wings )and eggs.
you don’t need to do a lot of thinking this is a business that you will not regret . can you imagine that Jennifer Aniston has about 15 chicken?


Its good to clean your environment everyday or if you have a chicken cage its better you empty it very often so as not to attrack rodents or other animals who come to look for food. These animals are those who bring sickeness to your farm so always make sure to keep their cage clean.

They bring parasites like lice .

Beware of diseases like chicken/avain  pox. Deadly chicken disease, viral and very contagious , can decimate your chicken number ,but there is a vaccine and if you take good care of them they can survive. After that they become immune and will not contract this desease again.

Mycoplasmosis :

this is a very popular disease  worldwide. this  can be caused by food contamination water or by man through his activities in the backyard .

Cholera : This is a bacterial desease , and contact is from wild birds , rats.

symptoms are diarrhea, difficulty in breathing and death is immidiate. In this case there is no cure, so you have to brace up your self and face the loses and try to  clean up very well after.

Mareks  a viral disease contracted through inhaling of feather dust from other affected birds. Can be very deadly, vaccines are available though .

Let me know what you have decided to do with the empty unutilised space in your back yard. Don’t bother about winter there are so many solutions to keep them warm.  Just let me know about what you think  and the progress you have made by leaving me a comment below.