Sewing and repairs is a business model  for handy people.

In some areas ,getting a job is difficult especially a part time job.

Knocking at the doors of companies that will never hire you, especially if you don’t have the  qualifications they need can be very fustrating  . Starting a sewing business can be a better way of earning a living from your home.

Keep reading  to find out the best way to go about this business.


You don’t need to start big, start small and then grow in what ever area you chose especially if you are short of finances. The economic crisis is tapping on the door of most companies no one is save nowadays .

You may have a good and well paying job today and Tomorrow you are sent home finished ,company closed.

There is no need to bury your head  under your pillow and cry  yourself to sleep for the rest of the century ,

get up and take things into your hands.

                                  HOW TO  BE YOUR OWN BOSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you any good with a tape, needle and thread ? You can do repairs at home .

If you are a mom ,then you must be used to repairing your childrens dresses .

Try to extern that service to friends , to nieghbours , to other relatives , ask them if they have dresses, throusers that need mending, especially men.

Ask them and see how it goes.

You can put buttons, hem trousers, and try your hand in sewing, no one is born perfect. Get sewing eqipments like machine check here at sewing machines plus

and you have all types of sewing machines you can think of .

Better still you don’t need a lisence for this kind of service and you can very well do that from the comfort of your own home.

Do it for free at first and see how you are doing, if you are good at it  ,and  people like your help and your work  then once you know what you are doing start implementing a small fee.

You have to be the one to look for people at first, then word will go around before sewing-907792_640

you know it everyone down the block will be asking you to do some mending for them.

We are always buying dresses and so we always need this kind of service.

This is an old service that people underlook but this sewing service will never die .

You don’t see people opening mending shops around just because of government taxes or rents ,doing it from your home  will  not  be of any  extra costs to you.
I remember a few  years back there was a shop closing in my area and man !!

They had these wonderful dresses but unfortunately for me they were too, too,big , well i did not bother i bought two dresses and started looking for someone to reduce them for me i regreted not taking my needlework lessons in school serious . It was quite difficult I ended up giving them away.

Its not easy to see someone who does this kind of services any longer.

We are all busy looking for someone to do it for us. Take some sewing  courses, better up your knowledge.

I have one of my friends who does repairs and a skirt is 10 euros ,take it or leave it.

She even buys materials and cut them and make bedsheets out of them and ask us to buy .

She does all that while staying at home. She has more money than some one working a full time job.

She is very good at marketing her products.

When there is a meeting or some get together or a party, she prepares a lot of things to show around and proposes to everyone to take a look.

I am really learning how to make pullovers now as a hobby , it helps take away some stress, but the price is too high 40€ an hour.

You can even give sewing lessons to others , if you are good at it. Don’t underrate your knowledge. It may be useful to someone and you can make some clean money from it.

  If you decide to take your sewing to a professional level ,  say creating dresses, 

You can  sell  your  finished products  directly on amazon .


Just the name alone is already frightening , telling you how complicated this art can be. This is a noble art , a craft from the middle ages. which used to occupy  the ladies in the days of Jane Austen.

No one does it anymore it is all done through computerized machines .

There are all types of computerized embroidery machines for all needs both proffesional and  home use.

The best types are Singer, and brother. When you know what you want and have the cash  check on the link above , your one stop shop for everything sewing , they have all sizes and  prices for every level . Sewing machine  plus have all the good quality models you can think of, and more, they have good customer care and their service is very fast in delivery 3-7 business days. So its up to you to choose the one that fits your scope and budget.

If you are new and want to try both sewing and embroidery , get the machine that does both jobs .

                            DOMESTIC SCIENCE

We were thaught all these in school, because as a woman we were told you have to master all these skills ‘ cos they will help you later in life especially when you have a family . Yeah it entered one ear and went out the other way.

We had a needle work book and we were handed small  patches of  materials and do the stitch  on it and then sew it to your book ,

It was all about the stiches and the seams

The STEM stitch

The Feather stitch,

The Running stitch, it was my favourite,  because it was very simple .

The French stitch

The Chain stitch

The Satin stitch

The Heming stitch .

The Herringbone stitch

The Cross stitch ,was nice and we will practise  at any spare five munites we had between lessons.

These are some of the  basic stitches if you want to do the hand embroidery.

let me know your opinion by leaving me comments below.

God bless you




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    Very good post. Make me want to get into sewing. I’ll pass this along to my daughter. Thanks and good luck.

    1. // Reply

      Hi Patrick and thanks i hope your daughter will like it.

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    I never tried my hand at sewing” I might in up sewing up my hand lol. but you website has some point and good information for people looking to start a business and be your own boss.

    1. // Reply

      Hi Anthony , sewing up the hand is what most people fear but that is part of the game . There is no sector where you will not make mistakes ,even professionals do.
      thanks for your interest.

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    a good idea bcuz the world of today is about dressing.

    1. // Reply

      Hello Irene,You are right its all about our appearance especially to us women.

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