Are you a professional fotographer or you are an amateur photographer that is you like taking pictures

                                               know that you can make money out of your photos

It  does not have to be your own personal pictures but anything you like. if your passion is fotography, well, then you have to refine your tools and get the best fotos of people, places, objects and just anything you like and sell them.

There are so many websites out there selling pics to bloggers, to designers to publishers .

Stock Images
Stock Photos
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Here @home jobs you can  find some tips to guide you.

You can really make some cash just from your holiday pictures . So think about it

staying at home must not seem like some kind of  punishment .

You can make good use of your time and get paid while taking care of your children .

Even students who have photocameras this can be a good oportunity to make that extra cash to take your love one out for diner.

You can start posting them for free if you are not very sure untill you are known then you can start looking for those sites that pay you. like depositephotos below.

Stock Photos

Its not a bad thing, girls too can be better photographers the point is are you passionate about it? Do you really think you can do it ? If you do then you will succeed because there is nothing that passion can’t make you do .If you are passionate about something it means you believe in that thing and you will go any length  for that.

All the same  you can embark on a road if you know there is something worth it at the end of that road. Just don’t jump on the  taking fotos  wagon because you hear mr fox  is making money  out of it so you will too ,

he may be making money but you don’t know what he does inorder to take good pictures.

If you have a camera it must not be an ultra modern one ,you can still take good pictures with your smart phone or even with a polariod .A digital camera will be good though.

B4 you start on this business make sure you do some research your self and see the kind of pictures wanted .Don’t go taking pictures of your family members and then tomorrow they start asking for some rights or other things.

Types to pictures wanted.dragonfly-184165_1280

Dimensions count, for deposit photos, photos you summit must be JPEG

File resolution: should be a minimum of 3.4 MP (2400 x 1600)

File size should not exceed 50 mb

File should be attributed in English

You must be the author of the picture you want to sell don’t borrow pictures.

No artificial enlargment of pictures.

If there are people in your pictures, then you must get them to sign some papers so i will advise you to stick to objects, animals, flowers, buildings , not government   buildings anyway.

Colour, light and a whole lot of things , its also important to capture emotions , so that who ever is viewing your pic should be inspired by that picture.

The best pictures in history were not necessarily good pictures but they were the  best because history , time and emotions are entraped in them . You feel it when you see it.

There are pictures that when you  look at them they  give you a tender feeling , others inspire you, they speak to you in a special way.




What is not allowed ? Violent scenes are not accepted, photos with logos , personal datas are not accepted.

There are no restrictions on the number of photographs you can upload a day.

Mind you,  you must develop a muscle in photography, i don’t mean paying those scam sites to teach you something you can learn on your own. Its practice makes perfect in any thing you do. Micheal Jordan got there through hours upon hours of practice .

If you want to take photography courses this  must be  a passion you will cultivate for a long time not just during your unversity years.

So don’t go spending your megre resourses for something you will discard the next second.

For more questions and updates , leave me a comment below.

thanks .