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This is another way students, stay @ home mothers  can use to make money online.

start an online store. If you have some spare cash and looking for ways to invest then i have some tips for you on how you can start a store online and make it work.

you need not go through the long process of building a website . Nowadays online stores have become so common and have been made very  user friendly.

you may not need money after all as there are programs out there to lend money to onlinne marketers .

where do you start?

get your self  a good drop shipper .

who is that ? it can be a manufacturer, a distributor, or a wholesaler , who will be incharge of shipping the product directly to the  buyer.

so you don’t have to keep the goods , or ship them to anyone.

you pay for an item only when you have recieve a paid order  from a buyer.

– Next  you sent the adress of the buyer to your drop shipper who then sends the goods to the final destination – the buyer. easy not so ?

Advantages ?

you are not left with piles of unsold stuff,

you dont spend any cash in maybe investments. all you have to invest is your time because all you need to do is upload the items, describe them , put price tags etc just as in a brick and motar kind of way .

better still you can do a video of your products but in this case you will have phisical products  so you need money to buy or they maybe your own creations.

any thing you have created dresses, ebooks, software, just anything , you can have a store on that online.

you don’t have to pay for rents .


you need a lot of patience

know how to sell and describe goods. really you must be a good seller.

alot of competition but that should not stop you .

most success stories start  by accidents in the sense that those people were not prepared for that kind of success may be it was just a trial an error kind of thing and it turned out a multi million business.

the most important thing is dedication ,patience and perseverance. et viola!!!

let me know how you are doing if you have decided to take the bull by the horn

by leaving me feed backs.




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    Hello this is Chris, I like the advertisement on this site, but I have a question, how can I open online store? Because it is interesting for me.

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