Paid surveys at home Review

Paid  surveys at home.

Product: Surveys

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Price  :  Varies $68 with  half  price offer, at times, then $19 if you want to leave                         the page.

Owner: Patricia Johnson

Introduction. My aim here is to inform you what this site offers and if it is good for you.

What they offer is a list of survey sites and you pay to get the list . Then there are a lot of up sells , binary option sites you have to pay to get into. Once you are a member they keep sending you a lot of binary options sites all the latest softwares some are free some you pay.

i wonder if they take their time to verify all these make money fast schemes before sending it to their members.


They have some good survey sites  .

Have some free ebooks as bonuses, with good tips

Free website proposal which is not free ,it will cost you $239 for a 12 months hosting ,provide you with content .


“The only limit to the surveys you can take  is your time ” lies, most of the time there are no surveys , especially if you are not in the US.

most of the time you are not qualified for the surveys as they tell you.

you are taking a survey its 20 mins for the survey you are half way into the survey what do you get ? we are sorry you are not qualified for this survey , escuse me? this is a survey about babies and i have two kids, i mean, 2 babies. then i am not qualified? are you kidding me ?

or the page just goes blank and you are not given any points for all that time spent.

These are tactics of survey sites not to pay you.

My personal opinion ? actually you take the survey but for free most of the time .I have never been paid . To get paid you have to teach a certain amount say $10.

click here for conclusion,  if you want to join the get paid to take surveys  at home.


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