Killer content writing. How did we get there ?

After  you have your site set up how are you going to continue  it ?What are you going to put on your site to attract visitors , to get


Is it the pictures , your content ? Adverts ? What exactly is the motor behind any site today?

 A blog?  (Wikipedia) Is usualy a discussion or informational site published in the WWW,consisting of posts. It used to be done by a single person , but things have changed .

Now in 2016, groups have taken upon themselves to write post or to blog on a wide variety of topics /subjects.

Nobody wants to be left out . Everyone wants a piece of the internet cake which  has brought about the explosion and exposure of otherwise secret knowledge to the general public .

To the literate and illiterate, to groups and to individuals, to the rich and to the poor, to the old and to the young, knowledge has been exposed, reserve information made known to everyone .

Secret information suppresed for centuries has been let loose ,technology has been made simple and accessible to all and sundry, publishing- made- self.

                               How did we get there ?Information technology

Has brought about new careers , bloggers, internet researchers, podcasters, content writers,  SEO professionals, and a whole lot more.

Bloggers have been let loose and are blogging , institutions are blogging , governments are blogging ,releasing information where ever it is hidden.

How do we know which is which , who has good quality and who hasn’t got good  information ?

How do you  distinguish yourself?

Here comes the  quest for the     HOLY GRAIL 

            CONTENT WRITING.

It is the most sought after thing of the net now.  It is the “meat of any site ” to use the words of Kyle of Wealthyaffiliate.

It is what gives every blogger the special powers which will lead to rankings and eternal happiness? Like the holy grail.


                Why  has content become so important ?

Educational institutions like universities  distinquish them selves  by not posting  any kind of content to the net, they are professionals they have the financial capacity, knowledge to do what they want.

The Beach blogger ????? blogging on the same subject or niche

has to compete to stay in line of action . Who is competent ? Thus making the beach blogger or the kitchen blogger like myself  to look for ways to defeat the professionals at their own very game , outsource to other professionals .

What will they use ? Content writing , everyone is now out to write content, best content possible , with  the best keywords even the “poor” Webster dictionary  will never think of using.

We have passed from just “ordinary” content , to “good content”  to “goodquality”  and finnaly to


Killer content is being marketed now above all else ,so as to capture and hold readers to  various sites. Google the grand father not only demands this  but is pushing for best quality content on the net.Content that contains valueable information for the reader, contains statistical data, grafs, inforgrafics , and pictures because people tend to like that more now because its quick to scan and know what the article or website is all about.

                       How is content measured ?

By interaction. Since we are in the social media realm , content is measured by readers participation .

Your content  has to grab the attention of the reader

Readers engagement and participation gives credibility to a site .

The persistence of the author in posting up to date information ,

using different media channels just to continue keeping the reader/audience engaged for as long as possible, makes him/her credible to the eyes of Grand Pa Google, Bing or Yahoo the best search engines.

The reader /audience is nolonger passive , their demand for more information keeps increasing, making bloggers to get the best of the best of the best ,right up to the killer part(the content).

How is content measured let me hear your opinion by your messages.

thank you.




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    As a new blogger myself this post was so interesting, I also enjoyed your post on Languages, My daughter is exceptionally good at French but fails to see how this could benefit her in the future ! Think Ill point her in your direction !

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      Hi Mimi, thanks for your visit, yes your daughter can benefit from her language .
      The net has so much to offer today that no one should be left out.

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