How to make money the clean way.

                    Pick a niche.

Today the most common work @ home  job is on line , the internet. This is very common  now because you don’t need any extra knowledge to navigate  the net .You can do it even if you don’t have an Information Technology degree.

This field has been made simple it is   accessible to all .

To work on the net this days it is advisable to have a website , your own personal domain with a name chosen by you. To have it, you have to build one yourself.

Today i am taking you through all the steps to follow to build your website

In what ever language you chose.

Step # 1   Pick a niche.

A niche , is just a small segment of a topic , a very specific and micro heading of what you are interested in writing about.Examples of niche you can chose. Baby clothing, that can be broken down to other sub niches  like , baby girls clothing , or baby clothing under 5 years, or clothing for newborn. These are only some of the examples you can chose from .

Or say you are talking about sport , it is a very broad topic so just bring it down , be specific say , sporting equipments for adults, or sporting gear for footballers, sporting equipments for pregnant women . These are just examples of niche ideas you can blog about .

The most important recomendation  , be passionate about  your chosen topic.
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  Who can do it ?

Mothers, you can do this while your child  plays around, under your watchful eyes , you will not have a boss.

You don’t have any date lines to respect , except that of your children. You can have an  online job or build yourself a successful internet business.

Talk about your pains,your worries, your joys .

what needs to be corrected in your child’s school, and other schools , where to find cheap baby wear , or used product for babies.

Its  the kind of freedom mothers   have been looking for.

The  most important thing is coming up with a good  “niche” .   What is a niche ? All those (few) ideas i have just listed above only there are much more.

Just think of a niche idea as something that you will like to share with the rest of the world.

Something that gives you night mares or gives you maximum pleasure which you will like to talk about , blog about, for quite a long time.

Once you have your niche idea , lets head over to


The …….. . com 

After you get your niche idea ie what you are going to talk about you can then move foward to getting a domain name for your web site.

A domain name is the  as an example or  www.  or what ever you want it to be provided that domain name is still available .Namecheap 

This is where i bought my domain .

They have good hostings , good security  system, yes good security because the internet
is a jungle and your website might get hack if there is no good security.

Its just like leaving your house with the door open , what do you think will happen by the time you come back ?

  STEP #3 Install WordPress.

It is a soft ware that allows you to do a lot of wonderful things on your site, like add pictures to your site, write content,  add videos.

If you are using namecheap or anyother web host they should have a section for softwares all you have to do is look for word press and then install it, it is free with no extra cost. They even have a live support in case you are having trouble .

Word press is the platform where you will be doing all the work.

The next stage is chosing a theme, you have lots of them all still from word press.

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