How to become a good writer.

“If there’s a book that you want to read and it hasn’t been written yet ,

                                          then you must write it.”

                                                          Toni morrison.

In today’s global world, publishing  has been made  very simple and cheap. You nolonger need much money  to publish your book.

Self publishing now is the norm.

If  you are a good writer or have some interesting stories to write , if  you are good at fictions , at  making  up stories,  you can come up with a good story, a short story,a  comedy, romance, drama , anything you want  any genre its ok .

Those poems  you have been writing  and no one knows about them, i know .typewriter-686927_1280

You have been writing them under your bedcover in the” darkness ” thinking no one is noticing  ,

now is the time to go public and publish them.

I have outlined some tips and guide lines for you to follow and come out as a writer and make some profit from your writings all from home.

You don’t even need a publisher you can self publish and reap all the benefits .

I know what it means to  face  rejection from publishers.

Now, no one can stop you as everything can be done online  from your home .

You are nolonger  talking to a particular group but you are  talking  to the world in general, you will write for the 2 billion people who floock the net each day in search of something special, insearch of your book, your poems, in search of what you have to tell the world.

Writing has become one of the best  ways of making an income from home .

The best way to become a better writer ?Keep reading.

 Refine your writing skills ,  if you are not very sure of  yourself, take some lessons and better up your position, why not? You could be the next Jane Austen.

  How to become a writer !!!

Good writers write . There is no magic  continous  and consistent writing , are the key.  This will make you

improve on your writing and it will also inspire you as your quest for more  writing materials will lead you to more topics  to write on.

Not everyone is born John Grisham but you can become a good writer by practice.

Write with your voice as if you were talking to some one present, always put yourself  in your caracters position.

Write and do a lot of editing  by yourself. Remember,
“The first draft of anything is shit  “Ernest Hemingway.


You must become a writer before thinking of becoming a good  writer .

As long as you  have mastered the letters of the alphabet and can construct some sentences you are already a writer.

You will write and twist and write again which will only make you a better writer .

Read and take notes.

Be observant of your surroundings , of the news, the gossip around .

Take note of details.

Ask questions, be inquisitive as much as you can, like a tortoise. At this point,

                   “If a story is in you, it has got to come out ”

                                William Faulkner.

Remember to read, read , and read , research your material and most importantly write.

Saying i want to write is not writing, if you are hesitant at the begining because of the way people will think you can go anonymous.

Learn to develop your own style, which is your brand, your voice, this will come with time this is what you should strive for.

   For who are you writing   ? Think Global.

Who are those who are going to read your writings, essays, papers, books or what ever you are writing ?

Have you choosen a genres ? Fiction or non fiction.

Or properly put : Drama, comedy, poetry etc.

Put your self on the part of your  audience /reader.

Listern to your critics.

Read Stephen Kings book on writing.


                                                                               You will be writing for the world to read .

  Who are your audience ?As i said  above it is no longer very important who is going to buy your book/ what you are writing ,

the important thing is to write .

The world is now global and any one can have access to your work / book, or article.

                     HOW TO TEST YOUR WRITING SKILLS

There are so many people out there who desperately want to write or who have written some thing but can’t bare to let anyone see what they have written for fear of negative judgement, well you can be suprised by what your family, friends have to say about what you write.

Gather courage and show your work to them , criticism is not bad it is for improvements.

If really you can’t do it , then there are so many social platforms and networks  out there now where you can post your work and you will get the reaction you very much desire.



You can try  platforms like


You post your stories or what ever you have written and watch out for reactions of the readers . If you stories are good you will gain followers and from there the sky is the limit.


This is a question and answer site , you can write answers or ask all the questions you like ,even if you want to write anonymously it is permited. From the reactions you  get in these sites you will  decide if the world is ready for you  or not.


This is also a great comunity for readers and writers and the readers respond here . You can write short stories , they have competitions every year on this platform. Your stories will be voted , shared, and you will have followers.When you decide to publish your book you will already have a following ready for your work.


Bloggers need a lot of writing and most of the time they can’t keep up with the work so they outsource to writers,

to copy bloggers ,people who are specialised in producing high quality content  that can get  first page rankings on google and that is big money.

So it is not only writing a book , it can be an article of about 5oo words, 1,500 words and that is a lot of money if you are  well known.

Students,  this is a great oportunity , there is no boundry as to who can become a writer, it does not have any thing to do with where you find yourself in the world  today . You can do it  from the comfort of your home.

Join writing clubs , there are content marketing groups on LINKEDIn join them and select the topic you wish to write on and write .

If you are good at grabing your readers attention then you have it in you.

  To  the US bureau of labour statistics,

Authors and writers develop content for advertisers, for books, newspapers, songs and blogs, television , magazins etc.

Writers salary range : They have a median salary of $58,850 per year for a full time position.

Work experience : Not necessary but a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English , communication  is  generally required .

The employent statistics for 2014 stood at 136,500.

Most authors are freelancers and work part time . Top industry  in this sector is self employement.

The growth rate of this industry is about 2- 4 % meaning about 26,100 people from 2014- 2024 will be employed.

You can do very well as a writer from home.  ” Writing is easy, all you have to do is cross out the wrong words Mark Twain

Show me your  skills by  leaving me a feed back .

Thank you.


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    I have one friend who is desperate to write and publish her own book.

    She is a very good writer and with all the technology around I am silly not to have considered the use of publishing option on the internet.

    She is somewhat apprehensive of criticism but I will point this site out to her.

    Are you available for questions if she needs anything?



    1. // Reply

      thanks for your response i will be happy to be of help to your friend.

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    As a blogger myself, I am always looking for new writing improvements. Then I ran across your article. I enjoyed the tips that you gave, and will have to check out the sites you listed. That being said, you might want to double check your spelling and formatting, as it did make this article a little hard to read. I did enjoy your tips, I just think you might get even more readers if you improve spelling and formatting.

    1. // Reply

      Thanks very much Mia i have corrected the spelling mistakes as for the formatting i am still trying to see what i can do . Thanks

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    As a newcomer to the world of blogging, I definitely need to brush up on my internet writing skills.

    I’m not so much interested in writing a book as I’d rather publish artcles on the internet but I guess writing’s, writing! LOL

    I’m very grateful your advice on becoming a great writer and also for the platform recommendations for testing my skills out.

    Thanks 🙂


    1. // Reply

      Thanks Neil for your comment, I hope you will enjoy the world of blogging and wealthy A in general.

      If you need more help I am here.


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    Hello I enjoyed you article, I myself am getting their I believe. I am writing all the time and I must tell you even though you may find some mistake in this that I am writing to you really I have improve, I see the progress and therefore I must to continue and I am sure that I will be as good as you. Thanks for sharing, this article that you wrote really helps.

    1. // Reply

      Thanks Norman ,sorry I have taken too long to respond to your comment , I have not been very present on the net lately. All the same I am happy about the progress you are making. The most important think is know where you are going and you will reach your goals nomatter what. I wish you the best , you are on the right track. Keep up.

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    This is a very interesting article and I appreciate the tips on where to post articles. I’ve heard of Quora but hadn’t heard of Medium or Wattpad. I am a blogger and I’ve heard that many bloggers pay others to write articles for their websites. I have mixed feelings about trying this but right now with the holidays upon us I am finding it really hard to post very often. Do you know of any websites where you can find top-quality writers and where you can select writers who are knowledgable in a very specific niche? I may be willing to try this assuming I have the right to doctor the article as I see fit.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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    Currently I’m a blogger and I run 2 blogs but one of my dreams has always been to publish my novels – of which I’ve written 2. I haven’t really done anything with them though and I thought since you seem to know a lot about this stuff, whether you would have a good method of going about self-publishing them successfully? I tried posting one on Kindle for free but no one sees it. It needs proper advertising of course but I’m on a tight budget and I just want to know how to do it properly, any suggestions?

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