Home -based business scams.


            Desperately in need of cash !!!!

Stay away from these popular scams 

If you are venturing in to the world of home based business , beware of scams . The internet if packed full with fast money promises.

Here @ home jobs world you can fine lots of  legitimate ways to make money from home aroung the world .

All the business ideas on this site are not businesses you can start in a day or a month and start getting profit.

There is no easy money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Except  you hit the jackport if you are lucky , or you  gamble ,which you will lose money before you can see a win, or better , your ancestors were rich and you inherit a fortune, these are i think the only ways possible for money to come by easily . In the case of your family members, 80%  of the time if not more , you have to wait till your rich family member  kicks the bucket before you can see a dime .

So the only other option is to roll up your sleves and sweat seven shirts (Italian saying) to make you some dough.

 Blogging :

Yeah its good because you stay at home and or anywhere else to do your thing mostly writing, research , and then you publish that is some work you have got yourself into. Its not always so easy as people may make you believe. So i consider it a legitimate way of making money .
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It will take you quite some time before Google can get you ranked. This is because they need time to trust your site. Do you have good content?

How often do you publish ?What type of links do you use ? Too many  backlinks? Pictures ? Keywords  and a whole lot of other stuff they need to take into consideration before your site can get rankings .

You will say, why  google ranking ? This is for , traffic. When google, the biggest  search engine ranks your site, they sent you traffic / visitors which is what every blogger dreams of ,like a groom waiting for his bride on their wedding day.

This is natural traffic , you don’t have to pay for this kind of traffic. In the main time how will you be doing it ? It may take months, before google knows of your existence  so blogging is not a get rich quick kind of business .

                              THE SCAMS

Envelop Stuffing :

A tipical get rich quick scam.  They provide you with envelopes and you have to put labels on them or letters inside  and  close it with your saliva.

How do you know this is a scam ?The advert is very flashy, a blink, blink kind of advert promising you more for little task you can perform at home in little or no time.

They charge you a fee for a start , and you will say oh its just a small fee but think of the $5 to $10 that each victim has to pay say 100 people fall pray , how much is that go on and sum it up.

Payment is too good to be true? then this is not worth your time .

Assemble Jewellry at home:

Tipical scam an old one. I fell for this scam once . I was a student then and i paid €40 for this . It was to make a bracelet . They sent me the instructions with a pair of scissors and some beads to make following the picture. i was so happy i did as in the picture . it came out well and i mail it.

The reply ? The very bracelet i had done was sent back to me saying this is the right way to do it that i had done the wrong thing. Wao!!!!! Please students , mothers , unemployed stay away from that kind of jobs.

Not that legitimate ones don’t exist they do and nobody will ask you to pay that kind of fee for a start. They have some rules too, not just as the flashy advert will make you understand.


why will any hospital want to give to some one with no experience this kind of a job?Most hospitals process their bills themselves. If they do hire someone ,it is a company with a reputation.

How is the scam ? They ask you for money for medical billing software, trainings, materials whcih you will never get.


This one is very easy to fall pray, they tell you you will not pay anything for a start then turn around and ask you for a $250 deposit to fun your account, no experience needed, do you believe that ?

 No matter all the titles!! Big scams.

I did. If it was so easy to generate tons of money why will people spend thousands of dollars to sen their children to school to get a business degree ? So beware, all those  people with funny systems /softwares telling you, you will make more money than Bill gates before the end of the week want just your money.Binary options is like cambeling, stay away from it.