Getting started – Purpose.

I started looking for ways to earn money online since 2008


Hey ! Not big money just something to make me going. There are so many websites offering a whole lot of quick money making  schemes and if u are not  careful you  fall prey .

I hear people make money online but how is that possible  ? Where do they  get the genuine sites ?


When i became pregnant  with my second daughter i started staying home full time and i was thinking what will i do with two kids  ?

Who is going to take care of them and at what price ? With the miserable salary i get how will i make ends meet ?

In this part of the world where i live working moms are not very welcome because  you will always ask for permission to stay @ home if your baby is sick  that is not productive for many companies .

I need to stay at home and take care of my kids.

I read stories of stay at home moms who make 6 figure incomes working at their own pace from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else  they want while the baby is playing.


wa_starter_350x350So  here we are today at homejobsworld.

               PURPOSE OF THIS SIDE

My aim here @homejobs is to help  people  with problems similar to mine .  Reconciling family and work.

It is all possible . I have so many  business ideas in this site for you to chose from. All these ideas are ideas that can make you money if you taje it serious.

Too many a times we don’t  know what we want or we don’t have the courage to start a business.

All you have to do here is go through this website and chose from the many ideas annd if you are not satisfied i will be coming up with a lot more ideas for you to chose from.

All the ideas here are those that can be done all over the world.

Those that can’t be done in certain parts of the world i make it clear .

Let me know from your feed backs what you think and if you have more ideas i will be more than happy to add them.




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