best craft beer

 Making your own beer at home .

Its foot ball season and the last time you invited friends at home to watch the match together  you went out of beer, it was so late and there was nowhere to get extra beer from. You have come to the right place .

Learn how to never ever stay short of beer again in your life when there is an important match going on .


The internet model of business is not for you, and you don’t have any school diplom or collage degree well
A good bottle of beer is the only thing that can make you high.
Have you thought of making beer at home and selling it.  Craft beer can  really be fun and very easy to make.

You will need a food  & beverage license and many other licenses like alcohol license .

In some parts of the world like in Italy , people do produce wine @ home .

Those with grape farms , produce a small quantity for home consumption .

So beer too can be produced at home, as has been done maybe  for the past 2 hundred years or more.

In many villages and rural areas  around the globe people do it for cash . You can try it and see for yourself .You don’t need any specific qualification.

best craft beer.



 Competition  is not for you ??

Today most businesses are overcrowded  , too much competition .If you are afraid of competiton, you think you will not be able to make it in areas of high competiton  like affiliate marketing , online stores ,the internet new career model is not for you then, this is an area where its posible for you to make a career .

In my town it’s some thing no one does . Everyone is complaining of the high rates of unemployment but no one thinks of putting up a business like this, but they drink the beer produced by some big government owned companies with incredible prices and low quality.

This is an area where there is the government monopoly up there and no one at the bottom .

There is little or no competiton like in other busineses.  This  kind of business is especially  indicated if you are in  an area where people love beer and foot ball, soccer if you like , they move hand in hand .

here i want to help you learn a new craft that will help you make a living for your self and your family.

   learn to stand out in the crowd.


Learn a new business that will  not only satisfy you professionally but economically as well.

You can very well put up a craft beer  palour, with a big TV screen   for football  and other sports events . Or a beer pub as it is being called in South Africa, where home brewing  businesses  have become the order of the day  Or in England where you have the best beers being produced at home by Nannobreweries.

I have put together some tips that will help in this new venture.

  1.  Stay by the law:  is it legal to make beer at home ?i know in some countries brewing beer at home is legal only for a small quantity of beer say 200 liters , just for home consumption. Inform yourself if it is possible to make beer at home .you may need an alcohol license froma special body.

2  Gather  Information  on home brewing if you have no  prior knowledge of          beer making, spend time on this ask around there are elders in your area who

may know a thing or two about home brewing.

Buy some books and learn all what you need to know about brewing.go to you tube there are electronic documents to help you in this venture.

3 Experiment.  carry out some experiments, get a  starter kit if available  in your area and try your hand at it. I like recomending  so many trials because it is a product that you will eventually  market  it will not be for your family  consumption only.

Type of beerwhat type of beer are you going to be producing? craft beer is a little more expensive but worth it.

if you want to beat the government monopoly then you think seriously on this .

you can decide to make good quality beer and make what is not  produced in your area.

For  motivations,

  Beer brewing terms to get use to .


Luppolo, Birra, Vegetale   This is the hop or the luppolo. This is what gives the beer its bitter taste its also used as a natural conserver.


Not all beer lovers can make their own beer at home. If you want to and can’t craft your own beer at home, no problem, you could still get into the beer movement by creating a blog about craft beer. This is still an untaped niche .

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