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How many times have you been accused of minding peoples business, that of your friends , gossiping behind their backs , always have something to say about people , their way of dressing, behaviour. I bet that has landed you in hot water most of the time. Did that limit you in some way? Did it make you feel unwelcome ?

Risultati immagini per networking
Talk like Parrots

I have a solution for you.

The best way to mind someones business , especially if you like gossips, yes, gossiping because that is what it is all about

You can turn that passion in to a full time stay at home job or business, you don’t even need a website. Well, you can start minding the business of companies , tweet about their performance, products, and carry your clients business to the top .

You can become a social media consultant or manager if you prefare.

  Who is a social media consultant?

A social media manager or consultant is one of those new careers brought about by social medias.

It depends more on the type of company and what they want from you . But the most basic form of social media managers , create and maintain  their companys pages and profiles on Facebook, have the best Tweeting skills, and post contents and other social media platforms.


He/she is the face of a company.

Risultati immagini per social media
Think and breath socials

With the rise of social medias , social consultants are there to teach us how to meet up with social medias , they teach businesses how to interact with the world through the social medias.

You must know your client inside out. Know what they produce, their policy, their goals in short everything from A-Ze.

Create content , not anykind of contenet but one that gets results.

Have some knowledge of SEO.

Promote communication between the company and their clients or costumers , or buyers .

Risultati immagini per networking
Know how to network



Social media consultants are just normal individuals with a passion for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Insergram, Stumble upon, Medium, just to name a few.

They are very sociable people, they know how to deal with people,

They have good conversational skills,

The ability to listern to people and

The greatest of all, they  love being in the center of attention.

With this kind of personality it is easy to become a social media consultant or manager.

Be a creative thinker.

Take company to new levels.



IN addition,

They have some knowledge of data analysis, web technology, have some basic knowledge of programming language  and softwares, foto editing, cms, word press, Drupal, joomla, and they should know how to use Hootsuite a +.

Passion for blogging , is a must have.

                 How much do you expect to make as a social media consultant.?

It all depends on you and how much work you are willing to take.

Social Media Manager (United States)

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