At Home Beautician

Who is a beauty specialist and how can you become one?


You can offer to style women, children, mothers or even  men’s hair. Beauty knows no boundry.

Cut , wash and dry hair.

Do make up for the ladies at your home at specific hours of the day .

You can apply colour, and a lot of other things women need.

The beauty of a woman lies in her hair.”

Today we hear about the internet and all the benefits that comes with it.

Everyone wants to have a business online, what of those who can’t and who don’t want to have a business online?

Though the internet is offering jobs and others are creating their own jobs on the internet unemployment is still the order of the day.

I see so many people looking for jobs .

Becoming a  hair stylist at home gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility to be with your kids, do your motherly chores ,and work at your leisure time.

It does not have to be oppressive.

So many people refuse to explore the possibilities at hand, most jobs or business ideas are not considered glamourous enough.

Give your business the glamour it needs, by the name or through services offered.

Most people think they have a degree so they should have a white collar job , wrong.  Your degree will not pay the bills. Your degree should help you beat your business rivals.


                      You can make any job glamourous .

Become an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a risk taker ,someone who exercises iniziative, some one who knows how  to sieze the opportunity, the moment to take action.

Become a beautician and take your business to the next level.

Learn how to beat your oponents, by being the best in your sector.

Offer what they don’t offer, scale your business with politeness, gentleness, surveys of what your customers want and need.

Offer them sweets, water, a clean environment and this will be an occasion for them to make their comeback.



Specialise in a sector and invite some one else to do some other sector which you are not good at.

Network with your opponents. Invite an expert to your business once in a week, for a manicure session, and share the benefits.

There are no jobs that are good only for certain categories of people.

The best hair stylist are men in Europe.

You need to make your self known in way that you will atrack  the high profile ladies or girls , because these are the people that will recomend your business.


It is not a question of becoming rich. It is a question of paying the bills. Staying at home with your arms folded will not pay the bills.

                     HOW TO BECOME A COSMETOLOGIST.

Expand your business to multiple fields

Incorporate some beauty products  and ideas into your business.

Sell small beauty products like hair bands, wigs. Add skin care products

Learn how to dye hair with natural products, and propose to your clients.

How to reduce hair loss in men and on specific spots on the hair.

Most importantly how to make hair grow, surely your special activities will not go unnoticed.

Give advice to  your customers on the best shampoo products for their hair colour tpye and texture.

Non agressive or natural  ways of dealing with dandruff.

  Dealing with acne

Make up artist also know how to deal with small facial problems.

Home made remedies for pimples.

How to use the colour correctors

Eye liners, they come in different shapes you have to be able to master all of them.

Eye pencils, gel liners etc.

Eye shadows to add colour to the eyes.

Blush, etc.

You have to master all of the above and more.



To become a cosmetologist, you just need a diploma  from an institude of esthetics & cosmetology.

In  the US, there is a state board exam before you can practice as a cosmetologist.

In many third world countries , it is enough to become a cosmetologist through practice as an apprentice .

The most important element you need is passion for what you are doing . If you like using your hands and like hanging around people  and a good listerner ,you are going to build up your clientele fast and then the money will start rolling in.

So pick up your brush and scissors and give it a try.


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