Aromatherapy business @home.

“Each flower is a soul opening out to nature”

Gerard de nerval

Aromatherapy for business
Aromatherapy-peppermint, and lemon oil

While this  is a new business field, aroma therapy is an old skin care method which dates back to ancient civilisations.

Where oils, incense, parfumes, candles  were used for  spititual reasons,beauty,rituals and clensing purposes .

Aromatherapy can be describe as the use of essential oils , for therapeutic purpose.

Aromatherapy is a gentle therapy ,it plays with the senses, and provides a sense of general well being.

Arears of usage:   All over the body for massage, through breading, bath wash ,

Hair , to prevent hair loss, or scalp problems.

In an era of body perfection where we live today,

people are becoming more and more obsessed  with their bodies and aroma therapy,

is one of those areas where you can easily use to perfect the body,

remove  daily life stress, purification and alternative healing .

                       Playing with the senses

There is no proven medical benefits of aroma therapy as of today , but  the therapy  is gaining ground in

Improving moods, wellbeing and removing stress, relaxation .

Aromatherapy massage -home jobs around the world.
Aromatherapy massage

Relaxation by massage.

Reduce anxiety  especially during pregnancy, sleeping disorders,

These oils , candles,  gives a sense of well being , playing with your senses , making you believe you are doing good, which eventually raises your morals if you are depressed.

                                                  ESSENTIAL   OILS.

Depending on the plant type, most of these oils can be  found in different parts of the plant.  The leaves, roots or the stems of a plant or  it flowers.Extraction is done through distilation.

These oils  can be extracted from plants like Eucalypto,flowers like the rose, lavander ( i like the scent ) rosemary,

Risultati immagini per aromatherapy

how to start an aromatherapy business

                                                                                                PEPPERMINT :

This is good for people with respiratory problems . It helps clears the respiratory passage. I use it at times  during                                        colds, I just boiled water drop the plant directly in a little basin of water and cover my head with it, its so relieving.


Recently my sister told me this one helps the brain a lot , it boosts mental activity


Lavander good for making essential oils
Good for Aromatherapy

Reduces signs of anxiety in women, it is uesd also to make soaps, perfumes.


Good to calm nervousness, improves blood circulation, blood surgar for those with diabetes, yeast infection, helps relieve pain muscle.

for essential oils in aromatherapy.

an anti oxidant.Based on the US national library of medicin, cinnamon helps reduce diarehea,vomiting.

Career changes are becoming more and more common especially if you have a family you may want to stay @ home and while staying at home you will like to have an income.

The rat race has its set backs . This is a good field in this rat race era, because more and more people are becoming stressed and the normal medicin is not responding so people are looking for natural ways of relaxing themselves.

They go to ;
SPAs for expensive week ends.  But what about those who cannot afford the espensive Spas but need a therapy ?

              If you are considering this business you will need a diploma .

The international Federation of aromatherapists dates back to 1985 and gives courses to people who want to become therapists.

The national association for holistic atomatherapy  ( NAHA ). It is the leader in the field of aromatherapy.

Courses can be twice a week  for  one year. In England prices are around £3.000 . There are many schools offering the courses at variou levels , you can consult with the above mentioned associations for more details.

NAHA standards

level 2 professional course , you must complete about 200 hours of training.

level 3 clinical aromatherapy certification.the standard is yet to be implimented.

Risultati immagini per aromatherapy
home-based business idea

For the Mind, Body and Soul

If you already have a diploma in massage therapy you may want to update to increase this section in your activity.

Essential oils are gaining ground and it is perfect for someone who is already in the field.

If you are going to be touching peoples bodies it is better you get a certificate because you will need a professional insurance. For a professional insurance it is best to be part of an association.


1)       You have to choose between having an online store where you sell products on a website where you will have to build. If you just want to sell the oils with no advice then you don’t really need a diploma .


2)       Produce your own products, and selling them online still good as a stay at home business.


3)          The best aroma therapy  home -based business.


In each of this cases you need an indept knowledge of the aromatherapy , essential oils and their benefits.

Study essential oils and their properties

You will have to understand the chemistry of plants  and their potential damages.

                                                     YOUR DUTIES WILL INCLUDE

# 1  Explain the treatments to your clients

# 2  Get their medical history, their diets, and their lifestyles.

# 3  Keep records of treatments and oils used.


You will have to master interpersonal skills

Therapeutic uses of touch

Clinical massage

Baby massage . In my area they charge  €35 for a 30 minutes massage for babies.

Stress management.


How and Where to start.

What you will be needing 

We have covered most part above, the certification you will need

Being part of an association

Get an insurance since you will  be dealing with people

Aromatherapy tools.

Oil diffusers. These come in all sizes , shapes and prices.

Business cards.

Oil samples  to give out to your potential clients, especially during gatherings ,parties.

The zeal to take your business to the top.

Thank you for your attention. Please drop me some comments  below let me know how your progress.







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    Thank you so much for your in depth information on Aroma Therapy. I have heard a few wealthier people mention using this technique, but I have never thought about using it for myself or even considered this is a real business. I always just thought massage therapist used oils of their preference to help them glide over the skin. I have learned a tremendouse amount more about Aroma Therapy from your site.

    1. // Reply

      Yeah Gee this was used so much in the ancient times we just forgot them and now they are trying to make a comeback with a newname

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    Wow – I must have been living under a rock. While I knew a little bit about aromatherapy in that massage therapists used it, I had no idea how extensively used it is. Great pointers about needing a diploma and insurance – those are things I wouldn’t have thought of. Will most definitely try the peppermint the next time I am congested 😀

    1. // Reply

      Yeah most people under rate the aromatherapy sector but it is very good form of therapy that needs expansion.

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