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 Hi, my name is brilly .I am the administrator of homejobsworld.com.  A mother of two kids , I studied  political science at the university .

i love reading, but i don’t have too much spare time for that now. travelling to new places but that is a little bit expensive  so i travel with  the use of the  internet all over the world and learn new things and meet new people just with a click and from the comfort of my home.i really love the internet .

I have a day job with a distribution company that takes most of my time during the day . its a mens world /job but iam there ‘cos of lack of options  …………

But wait !! why not create a website ?

my  surfing the internet has paid out i now have a part time job on the internet and i plan to quit my day  job and become a stay at home mom full time so i can better take care of my kids.

so meet you at homejobsworld.com.



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    It’s great to meet you Brilly. I hope you find great success here at WA. All the tools and training are here to help you succeed. You just have to work at it every day. Never ever give up!

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    Hello Mr brilly
    i am in sri lanka
    i want to earn some cash from selling video from online
    can you guide for me ?

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      Hello Mr Nithiananthan thanks for your interest there are various chanels through which you can sell your videos .
      Ebay, shopify, or you can build your own website and sell directly so you will not pay anyfees.
      If you have other questions i will be glad to help

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