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It sounds so easy, “Work from home” , sounds so sweet to pronunce these words , work from home , but is it ? I just remember during the cold winter days how  , you wish  you can stay  in bed a little while longer not, willing to confront the harsh weather outside that is […]

Turn your hobby into business- Jewelry home-based business.

Tips to help you create your jewellry  business at home.   If you can’t have the diamond, at least you can make a similar one for yourself. For people who are crafty , all is possible. Hand work pays more than a white collar job only we don’t know how to market our finished product. […]

What is a keyword research tool

For bloggers, affiliate marketers, in short are you  in the internet business ? Then you must know what a keyword research tool is. If you are making your entry in to this business then a key word research tool is what you should hold tide to your heart if you want to be able to […]


How many times have you been accused of minding peoples business, that of your friends , gossiping behind their backs , always have something to say about people , their way of dressing, behaviour. I bet that has landed you in hot water most of the time. Did that limit you in some way? Did […]

Pros and Cons of Owning a Business

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur,  or a solopreneur? There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration. You have to weigh in your options. What are some of the advantages of the career path you want to undertake. Dou you have the level of passion it takes . Is is going to […]

At Home Beautician

Who is a beauty specialist and how can you become one? HAIR STYLIST. You can offer to style women, children, mothers or even  men’s hair. Beauty knows no boundry. Cut , wash and dry hair. Do make up for the ladies at your home at specific hours of the day . You can apply colour, […]

How to become a good writer.

“If there’s a book that you want to read and it hasn’t been written yet ,                                           then you must write it.”                           […]

Aromatherapy business @home.

“Each flower is a soul opening out to nature” Gerard de nerval While this  is a new business field, aroma therapy is an old skin care method which dates back to ancient civilisations. Where oils, incense, parfumes, candles  were used for  spititual reasons,beauty,rituals and clensing purposes . Aromatherapy can be describe as the use of […]

Home -based business scams.

              Desperately in need of cash !!!! Stay away from these popular scams  If you are venturing in to the world of home based business , beware of scams . The internet if packed full with fast money promises. Here @ home jobs world you can fine lots of […]

How to make money the clean way.

                    Pick a niche. Today the most common work @ home  job is on line , the internet. This is very common  now because you don’t need any extra knowledge to navigate  the net .You can do it even if you don’t have an Information Technology degree. This field […]